The Kingsford School Board of Trustees (BOT) meet on the last Monday of each month, at 6.30pm in the school staffroom. These meetings are not public meetings, but they are “open to the public”. This means that even if you’re not a trustee you are welcome to attend as an observer although you will not have speaking rights the way you would if it was a public meeting. See below for our 2022 meeting dates.

Our current BOT members are:

  • Timo Morisa – Chairperson
  • John Ioane – Deputy Chairperson
  • Anna Smythe – Acting Principal
  • Agatha Filipi – Parent Representative
  • Lolo Kumar – Parent Representative
  • Agnes Wright – Staff Representative

2022 Meeting Dates:

Term 1:Term 2:Term 3:Term 4:
24th January30th May29 AugustNov (TBC)
28th February27th JuneSept (TBC)Dec (TBC)
28th March